For only $2 per device per month.

Why use Safemate Tracker?

See the real time locations of your devices and see where they have been, all displayed by markers and traces on a map.

  • Keep an eye on where all your friends or family members are or have been, to ensure they are safe.
  • Keep track of where your vehicles are at all times, whether it is for personal use or business vehicle fleet management.
  • Make sure your workers are arriving to their destinations on time and meeting their goals.
  • Decide how often you cant to upload your location, from as often as a coordinate every 3 seconds.

How to set it up

Sign up to our Safemate Web Console

Go to our sign up page and enter a username, email and password. After this you’ll receive an email to verify your account. Click on the button and then you are ready to sign into your account.

Download the Safemate Tracker App

Get our Safemate Tracker App from the Gooogle Play Store. Go into the app and click on the activate device button. This will generate an activation code to enter into the web console.

Activate your device and start tracking

Go into the web console and enter the device activation code and done! Watch your phones moving on the map in real time. Select a time range and see the traces of where your phone has been.

Looking for something else?

We have other tracking devices for specific needs. Find the one that suits you better.