About Safemate

How does it work?

Safemate tracks the location of your assets through different devices, which send their GPS locations to our Safemate Android app and web console.

What is the best device for me?

Sigfox devices are perfect for users that want to keep track of their their assets are without having to worry about battery life. This devices can last from 6 months to up to two years in the field without any need for maintenance.

Safemate Rugged Andriod Phones’ batteries can last up to a week and will give you very accurate locations. This is ideal road trips, camping or extreme sports when you want to keep track of there exactly you have been, so you can revisit your favourite spot later. We would also recommend this for vehicle tracking for highly accurate and frequent location updates.

If you are looking for a cheaper option, our Safemate Tracking App can be installed in your personal or work phone, so there is no need for buying a specific device. This is also a good option for keeping track of where your loved ones are, always knowing they are safe. This app also includes an SOS function that messages a designated phone with your GPS location in case of emergency.

How can I see my device's location?

Log into our Web Console and see all your device’s real-time location and their location history. There you can also do other things, such as inviting and managing both users and devices.

You can also download or Safemate Management App from Google Play.


What is the pricing model?

There is a monthly subscription cost per device activated that varies from product to product. The Sigfox device subscription is $9.90 per month, while the Andriod Tracking app subscription: $2 per month. 

Can I deactivate my devices?

Yes, you can activate and deactivate devices at any time through our web console settings. However, from the moment you deactivate the device you won’t be able to track your assets. Once the device is reactivated it will start sending locations again and you will be able to see them on the map view or search through their history.

What payment methods do you accept?​

We accept credit card payments which are secured with Stripe payment services.


How do I create a Safemate account?

Go to our sign up page and enter a username, email and password. After this you will receive an email asking you to verify your account. Click on the button and your account will be validated. Then you are ready to sign into your Safemate account.

I didn’t get my verification email

Unfortunately sometimes our emails end up in promotions or spam folders. Please check these to see if it is there. Bear in mind that the email will come from Airbike, our main company. If you still can’t find the email please email us to support@airbike.network.

Device activation

How do I add a new device to my account?

Sign in to our web console and in the Devices section(Settings>Devices) click the add device button on the top right. Once there you will have to add the activation code in. This code will be found in different places depending on the device you are using.

If you want to activate a Safemate Traking App device download the app from Google Play and open it. There you will find a code generator This process applies for both Rugged Android Phone and any other Android phone.

If your are activating a Sigfox device you will have to enter the Sigfox ID, which is a 6 character code that you will find on a sticker on the bottom of the device.

Once you have entered the activation code into your account you will be able to track these device. You can also activate more than one device at the same time. Keep in mind that you will be charged a subscription per device activated,

I click on add device and it asks for my payment information

This means that you have not entered your payment details yet, and therefore you can’t activate a device. Once you have entered your credit card information you will be able to continue with the activation process normally.

Can I edit my device information or subscription?

Yes, you can change a device’s name, its activation status and who sees it manage all of this through the settings page as long as your are an administrator (all new users are unless they have been invited by another user).


Can I get someone else to monitor my devices?

Yes, you can invite other users to check where your devices are or their location history. They will have their own login for the console and management app.

Will they see everything that I see?

When inviting a user you can choose the level of permissions you are willing to give them. When inviting a person into your organisation you can choose if you want to make them normal users or admins.

What is a normal user?

Normal users can check location and history of the devices you allow them to see. You can decide whether that is one specific device, several or all of them. However, they won’t be able to edit the device information, activate and deactivate devices or invite other users.

What is an admin?

Admin users will see the same devices you see and will have full rights and can perform any of the previously mentioned actions. An admin will be able to do everything you can do. 

Tracking App

How do activate my phone?

Go to our sign up page and enter a username, email and password. After this you’ll receive an email to verify your account. Click on the button and then you are ready to sign into your account.

Get our Safemate Tracking App from the Gooogle Play Store. Go into the app and click on the activate device button. This will generate an activation code to enter into the web console.

Go into the device settings section in our web console, click on the add new device button, enter the device activation code and done! Watch your phones moving on the map in real time. Select a time range and see the traces of where your phone has been.

How do I start tracking

Go to the Safemate Tracking App and make sure the app is sending locations to our system. If you will see a green button with the text “Start tracking”. Click it and we will automatically start displaying your location in our Safemate Console and Management App. If it is already sending locations you will see a red button saying “Stop tracking”.

What is the SOS function?

In case of emergency if you click the SOS button your phone will send an SMS to your preferred contact with your location so they can come to help you.

How do I set up the SOS function?

To set it up go to the Safemate Tracking App, click on the menu and select Emergency Contact Number. Once in write the phone number of the person you would like to get the SOS message.

How do I get more accurate locations?

The more often the location is uploaded the more accurate the traces are going to be. If you want the highest fidelity information make sure to set up your upload frequency to 3 seconds

How do I stop the app from using too much battery?

If your priority is battery life then make sure you reduce the amount of uploads. The more spaced out the location updates are, the less battery the app is going to use.

Other questions

What is your return policy?​

We are happy to accept returns within 14 days for a full refund no questions asked. We also offer a full replacement guarantee* if the device fails in accordance with Australian Consumer Law

How is the data secured?​

Your data is secured behind powerful encryption protocols that feed directly to our payment service provider (PayPal). The SafeMate does not store any of your financial data.