We are passionate about technology that makes our world more interconnected, accessible, and safer. We specialise in GPS tracking.

Keep safe with Safemate
GPS Tracking Technology

Track your every step

Know where you have been or where your assets are at in real time.  Upload your location at a maximum rate of one coordinate every 3 seconds. All you need to do is download our Safemate Tracker app from the Google Play Store or buy one of our custom tracking devices. Activate your device through our console and attach it to the asset you want to track.

Safemate console and app

Check your real-time location

Watch the people or things you care about moving on the map in real time through our easy to use Web Console and Management App. Keep track of where they have been with our history feature. Select a time range and see the traces of where they have been. Log into your account, watch all your devices move around the map and start tracking instantly.

Safemate Web Console

Peace of mind instantly

In order to use Safemate Solutions follow these three simple steps:

1. Purchase your device or download our Andriod app from the Google Play Store

2. Create and account in our Safemate Console

3. Activate your device and start tracking your assets

Choose your GPS tracking device

Use your own Android Phones

If you want to try out our tracking technology but you don’t want to buy any hardware this is what you are looking for.Try our Safemate for only $2 per month per device. Once you have purchased our subscription simply download our app from Google Playfollow our activation instructions and start tracking.

Rugged Waterproof Android Device

Our Rugged Android Device uses a 3g/4g m2m mobile network to send GPS location to our Safemate Servers. This device will upload its location at a maximum rate of one coordinate every 3 seconds. Go to Safemate Tracking App and start tracking with just one click. With a battery life up to a week-long, you can keep track of your asset in real-time.

Narrowband tracking device

Our narrow-band is a compact GPS tracking device that uses the Sigfox network to send GPS location to our Safemate Web Console and Management app where the device and its movement history is recorded, displayed and analysized. It is designed for long-life, self powered applications such as container tracking and asset tracking.

Looking for a Business solution?

Send us an message and our sales representatives will contact you with more information about our Business Console and specially designed plans to track your fleet, business assets or workers.